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Cambria's pursuit of desalination has a 20 year history – for latest info and updates please see History Page.


This site is organized by a citizens group of Cambrians and other residents of the Central Coast concerned about fiscal responsibility, water, development and environmental issues in Cambria, topics that are not be being adequately addressed by current media, San Luis Obispo County nor the Cambria Community Services District.

Cambria enjoys a spectacular natural coastal environment that attracts thousands of visitors from all over the world to our region, a bounty that adds important tourist dollars to the economy. In addition to the eco-wonders of Moonstone Beach (named one of the top 10 beaches in the West by Sunset Magazine) and the Santa Rosa Creek Natural Preserve, Cambria also acts as a gateway to Big Sur and Hearst Castle and offers visitors and residents alike many locally-owned restaurants, art galleries and high-quality retail stores that specialize in unique items.

Safeguarding our “natural capital” is good not only for the environment, but also good for ratepayers and businesses. Yet regard for the environment has become a bone of contention in the discussion around a possible desalination plant in Cambria.  Although various water supply alternatives remain viable as described in Cambria’s Water Plan, no other water alternatives have been deemed as acceptable by the Community Services District in the past decade.

Environmental protections must be firmly in place before further development occurs on our coast. Being careful does not make one a naysayer, it makes one a steward of the land. By promoting protection of the natural environment, understanding our watersheds and being water-wise in the urban areas, we can all be on our way to a sustainable water future. A future that is good not only for Cambria (described by Forbe's as one of America's Prettiest Towns), but for the entire Central Coast.
Please use this site to inform yourself of the details.It's not glamorous and not even a little fun, but it is very important to anyone who cares about the Central Coast.

Our intention is to make it easier for everyone who loves Cambria and the Central Coast to work together to solve our problems in thoughtful and creative new ways by employing smart technologies and solutions that will ensure we live in harmony with nature and our precious natural resources, while preserving the quality of life and village environment of Cambria.

Thank you for your interest and for all you do to make Cambria great,
The concerned citizens of Cambria Water